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Must-Have For Novel
Coronavirus Prevention

Protect yourself against COVID-19 disease

The novel coronavirus outbreak is a respiratory illness that has been killing more than twenty thousand of people and infecting more than four hundred thousand of worldwilde up to March 26.
How dangerous is this coronavirus?
Different from other coronaviruses, this novel corona virus is infectious from human to human, it can be transmitted while an infected person still isn't showing any symptoms.
Here are coronavirus supplies you will need to prepare for coronavirus. Protect yourself against COVID-19 disease.

Surgical Masks with Melt-blown Layer

Seriously, wear a face mask for your safety! You never know who is infected until he showed coronavirus symptoms, but it's too late to protect yourself. Wearing a face mask could help you stop the respiratory droplets from anyone who may be infected.

N95 Masks Wholesale in Bulk


How to tell if you have a coronavirus? Best thermometers to check for flu fever and corona symptoms. Best safety goggles and disposable gloves to avoid a contact infection.

CPAP Machines

Special CPAP masks for obstructive sleep apnea. CPAP machines and virus filtering, sanitizing supplies to help some patients affected by the coronavirus symptoms.

Environmental Hygiene

To prevent coronavirus infection, it's vital to main a clean and healthy environment with household cleansers, such as air purifiers, water filters, dishwashers, robot vacuum, steam mop, toilet cleaners.

Keeping Fit

Doing workouts at home to boost immunity, is the best way to kill coronavirus and fight off the flu.

Pet Healthcare

Full pet hygiene supplies to prevent coronavirus in cats and dogs.

Games & Toys

How to get through the coronavirus quarantine time at home? Play with your kids or enjoy games by yourself.

DIY Baking

How to stay activated with your friends during a coronavirus outbreak? Share your daily baking on Instagram. Baking supplies stock up to kill time.

Outdoor Must-haves

All you need for outdoors to avoid close contact with others, face masks, safety goggles, disposable gloves.

Getting-around Prevention

It is not suggested to take on public traffics as you might get infected in the crowd. Ride on your own e-bike, scooter, or car if you have to go outside.

Virus prevention items including: All masks, disposable protective clothing and other protective gear that comes into direct contact with the skin of humans and animals. For hygiene and safety reasons, these items are not covered by the warranty.