The Priorities for District 1

are similar to those for the entire county:

The following are in no way the only priorities that should be considered and acted upon, but certainly represent major topics that must be addressed. Your input is welcome. Don't hesitate to contact Sharon with your comments.

Economic Development (= Jobs)

I want CalaverasCounty to become an asset to California. The county seat is in San Andreas, which is in District 1 - and it is struggling to stay alive. It shouldn't be so hard for a new business to start, or an existing business to survive. We must make it easier to attract local manufacturing and small businesses, and continue to market Calaveras as a tourist destination. Local enterprises use local resources and labor to facilitate growth. Fiber optic cable was laid throughout the county; we need to get it connected.

And then there’s the cannabis issue. With the approval of the October 2019 ordinance, we must ensure that we protect the safety of neighborhoods and protect the environment and our water.I would like to see the smaller commercial farmers, who have children who attend our schools, who support local businesses, and who have a real stake in the success of the county get an equal opportunity, especially if larger corporations are going to be allowed in the county. These nationwide organizations should be required to make any necessary mitigations to protect our roads, the environment, and to hire locally. If we do this correctly, there will be enough revenue so law enforcement can eliminate the illegal growers, and there will be sufficient money for other programs to enhance the quality of life in Calaveras County.

Our annual median household income is less than $55,000, which puts us at a 12.8% poverty rate. With only 16,721 people employed, out of a population of 45,057, and a median age just under 52, you can see that affordable housing is a critical need. Is it time for our Board of Supervisors to look at a rent control ordinance? Seems like that fits right in to the current solutions being contemplated for our growing homeless population. The health, safety and well-being of all of our families must be a priority as our public officials make decisions about what housing will be permitted, what types of businesses to approve and services to provide.


We must support keeping local schools open so our children can attend classes near their homes and get the education that will strengthen our communities. Our libraries are vital to our residents and we must protect our library system. Important in the education of all of us is access to the arts. We should certainly benefit more from the community college bond measure that was passed in 2004, for which we are paying and are getting little benefit.

The General Plan Update

One way to tie all of the priorities together and help facilitate and expedite the process is ensure the General Plan update that was recently passed, is a comprehensive and legal general plan update that incorporates community plans and includes the required elements: Land Use, Circulation, Conservation, Open Space, Housing, Safety and Noise. This process has been going on since at least 2006 - that's 13 years! Now that the Board of Supervisors have approved a General Plan Update, let's get the remaining community plans completed and move Calaveras County forward!



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