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Buying Guide LED Flashlights Buying Guide

LED Flashlights Buying Guide

The flashlight is a most useful everyday accessory. Thanks to it, you will be able to orient yourself in a room deprived of openings and electricity or even to see clearly in the dark.

Why do you need a camping flashlight?

A flashlight is a useful camping tool because of the following advantages:

Minimize accidents

Accidents are common, especially in the dark, and happen when you hit a tool while walking towards your tent. You can also trip and fall on rocks or gnarled roots in the woods, which can cause serious injury. A flashlight will light your way and help you avoid tripping over rocks, roots, objects or even a person.

Save energy

Although most smartphones are equipped with a flashlight, their frequent use depletes the battery faster than usual. This forces you to charge your phone more often, which can be difficult or impossible when camping in the woods. To minimize phone use, use a flashlight instead.

Enjoy the convenience

A flashlight provides clear images when camping in the dark. Even standard camping flashlights are very portable. You can carry one by hand or attach it to your bag. When your lanterns or headlights stop working, you can easily access your flashlight.

Be prepared for emergencies

You can use your flashlight to get help in an emergency. Camping emergencies include loss or serious and sudden injury. By flashing your lamp, people will be able to locate you more easily to provide you with the necessary assistance.

To take care

A sturdy and heavy camping flashlight allows you to better protect yourself from a wild animal or a night burglar. Hit them with your flashlight to save time or get away. In addition, the fact of directly lighting certain animals will frighten them.

7 things to consider before buying a LED Flashlight

A source of lighting much appreciated by many users, the LED flashlight happens to be of almost daily use.Whether for a sudden power failure or to light up your night outings, you will need a good LED flashlight. This buying guide for the best LED torches will enlighten you on the choice to make.

Light power

The light power, measured in lumens, indicates the light capacity of the flashlight. LED torches on the market range from 10 to 1000 lumens. The lumens is the equivalent of the watt for incandescent bulbs. To choose this power, you will need to know the frequency and the use that you will make with the flashlight. For everyday use, to light dark areas in all directions, 10 to 200 lumens are more than enough.

For nature and discovery activities, it will be necessary to provide a power from 400 lumens. This power will be effective for all night outings. If you want to illuminate a particular area and perform more precise targeting and lighting, you will have no choice but to opt for a 1000 lumen LED flashlight.

Generally speaking, if it is for use at home, a power of less than 500 lumens is quite suitable. Light power is sometimes associated with light intensity which is measured in Candela (Cd). The intensity of the LED torches on the market range from 2000 to 50,000 cd. The higher the power, the more this intensity should follow.

The scope

If you are impatient to know how to buy a LED torch with a better value for money, you will also have to look at the scope of the product. Here again, everything is a question of use. To light around you over a fairly large space, a short range flashlight of 1 to 3 m is sufficient. To illuminate precisely on very specific or quite distant areas, prefer a torch with long distance range.

It should be noted that this range is complementary with the power of the device. Also check the width of the flashlight beam. A wide beam provides light over a short distance while a narrow beam will illuminate well over a long distance and is therefore very useful for outdoor use.


The sizes determine the amount and duration of the light you receive. It also determines portability. The smaller models are easy to pack for outdoor use and require minimal charge, but they also emit little light compared to the larger models.Large flashlights provide more powerful lighting, but they are also more bulky.

Device weight

The weight of an object determines its method of transport, and this applies to flashlights. Heavier options will significantly reduce portability, making them suitable only for camping with a car. Lighter options allow portability and are suitable for hiking so you can put it in your backpack.

Construction materials

The material used in the manufacture of a flashlight, whether aluminum or plastic, determines its durability. Although plastic flashlights are easier to carry, they do not survive shock very well. Aluminum case flashlights are sturdy, tough, and impact-resistant for long-term use, but they are heavier than plastic alternatives.

Autonomy of your flashlight

Choose a flashlight that fits your needs. This is especially true outdoors, as the electricity supply will be uncertain and will require a flashlight with a long lifespan. The brighter the flashlight, the shorter the operating time.

A long duration of use allows you to end your night camping activities with adequate lighting. Most models have a low light setting, which allows you to extend the usage time as needed.

LED flashlights are ideal for outdoor use as they provide constant light over long periods of time and use less energy.Incandescent bulbs emit excessive light and reduce operating time. Although they are the cheapest at the front, an LED fixture will save money over time.


Batteries are an essential feature of flashlights because they power the flashlight. Some flashlights come with rechargeable batteries, while others require disposable batteries. The former will reduce costs over time because you will be using electricity or charging devices to charge them. Disposable batteries are an ongoing expense.

Water resistance

While not the most important factor, water resistance is still an important characteristic, especially if you are hiking or camping in wet conditions. The IPX classification system measures water tightness. A higher IPX index is synonymous with better water resistance, suitable for wet conditions such as fishing and swimming. The evaluation system is as follows:

IPX1 - Water flowing on the flashlight does not damage it. 
IPX2 - At a 15 degree tilt, dripping water will not affect the flashlight. 
IPX3 - Spraying water will not cause any damage. 
IPX4 - Splashing water from any angle will not affect the flashlight. 
IPX5 - Nozzle water will not affect the flashlight. 
IPX6 - Spray water will not damage the flashlight. 
IPX7 - The flashlight can be submerged up to 1 m for 30 minutes without ruining it. 
IPX8 - Prolonged immersion in water will never affect the flashlight.

LED Flashlights
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