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Buying Guide Smart Video Doorbell Buying Guide

Smart Video Doorbell Buying Guide

Imagine the following scenario: Express delivery arrives on a business trip. How can you ensure that the delivery can be placed at the designated location? Holding the baby who is so hard to sleep on the sofa, you may have to start over from scratch. In the winter, I lay on the bed in the quilt. Some people rang the bell. They didn't want to climb out of the warm quilt. I am always worried that bad people will wander around at night and burglary when no one is home during the day. Is it very disturbing? A Smart Video Doorbell can help you easily resolve these problems. 

Topics in this buying guide:
  • What is a Smart Video Doorbell?
  • Features of Smart Video Doorbell.
  • 3 things to consider before buying Smart Video Doorbell.
  • 3 best Bluetooth Smart Video Doorbell in 2020

    What is a Smart Video Doorbell?

    Smart Video Doorbell is a breakthrough in time and space for traditional doorbells. Smart Video Doorbell not only has a traditional doorbell function that sounds to remind the owner to visit, but also can remotely view the area that the user cares about like a webcam. 

    In addition, with the development of technology, Smart Video Doorbell is carrying more and more intelligent functions. You only need to have a mobile phone that stays connected to the Internet. Through the simple operation of the APP, you can talk to visitors outside the porch without leaving the bedroom, and they can also check the changes at the door at any time. 

    Even if someone wanders at night and step on the point, you are not afraid. With night vision recording and playback at any time, and even the alarm function, you can not only stop the bad people at that time, but also check the night video before deciding whether to call the police.

    Features of Smart Video Doorbell


    High-definition image quality is the basis. 1920 * 1080 (16: 9) is a relatively common configuration at present. On the one hand, it represents video sharpness, and on the other hand, it represents the richness of effective information in the visible picture. For example, a 16: 9 picture focuses on horizontal field of view, while a 1: 1 picture focuses on ground information. 

    Video storage method

    Most products support cloud storage and local storage. A small number of products support only one of them. The local storage cost is low, but if you want to play back the video, you must disassemble the storage card yourself and view it through a player such as a computer. At the same time, the storage card has limited space. Users need to periodically delete videos to free up storage space. Cloud storage operation is relatively convenient, but the cost is high, and additional monthly or annual fees may need to be paid. 

    Motion monitoring

    Motion monitoring is a way to wake up the camera manually. By setting or drawing areas for motion monitoring, you can avoid areas that are likely to cause false alarms, such as trees and streets in front of and behind the house; you can also reduce the frequency of false alarms by adjusting the sensitivity of motion monitoring.

    3 things to consider before buying Smart Video Doorbell

    1. Power supply and network

    Is there a doorbell wiring? WiFi protocol? Does it accept screw mounting?

    If the house has a special doorbell wiring, you can choose a hardware doorbell. The advantage is that there is no trouble in charging. The disadvantage is that need a professional electrician and pay for the service to install it. The advantage of choosing a wireless doorbell is that the non-professionals can complete the installation process in 5-10 minutes. The disadvantage is that it needs to be charged for several hours every few months. 

    If the home network only has 5G WiFi, please be sure to pay attention to the selection of products that support 5G WiFi. If not, you need to set the WiFi to 2.4G protocol during installation, otherwise the doorbell setting may not be completed. If you are not willing to drill and install the doorbell on the wall (drilling may hurt the wall), you can choose a doorbell with 3M double-sided tape in the package, but the drilling installation method can be more stable. 

    2. Video storage method: cost estimate?

    Which viewing method are you used to (more secure)? If you use cloud storage, you need to pay a subscription fee periodically. If you use a local storage card, the cost is generally lower. The disadvantage of a local storage card is that the memory may need to be cleaned at regular intervals, and the cloud has less trouble with this issue. Some others believe that cloud storage is more risky than local storage in terms of information security. 

    3 .Community complexity

    Does it require highly intelligent motion monitoring performance? Do you need anti-theft performance? Do you need extra attention for night order (night vision distance, color night vision)? Do you live alone (change voice)?

    If the environment of the community in which you live is complex and noisy, it is recommended to choose products that can adjust the detection area to avoid frequent invalid alarms. The longer the night vision distance, the more information is displayed on the night vision screen. It is recommended that women who live alone choose a doorbell with a voice-changing function, which can be more secure when answering strangers. 

    5 best Smart Video Doorbell in 2020 under $100

    We are now more and more concerned about family privacy and security, the traditional doorbell function is single and simple, which has been unable to meet the needs of modern life, so the emergence of smart doorbell is a good solution to this problem.

    In general, smart doorbells allow you to check visitors in time even if you're not at home. It can feed back the conditions of the front door in real time and send the alarms to your phone in case of any abnormal situation. Different doorbells have more features that will enhance security and convenience. Here are 5 smart doorbells that do the work well and are budget friendly. Now, starting your house safe with a smart doorbell!

    Alfawise L9

    # Works with Alexa Echo Show

    # Both local storage and cloud storage

    # Balanced performance and cost

    Zero S

    # Best package for budget under $100

    # Voice-changing function for extra safety

    # Reminder from the lock screen, you won't miss a call

    # AI face recognition and automatically play preset message

    # Multiple anti-lost protection Loop of 72H free cloud storage

    Alfawise L18

    # Best package for budget under $50

    # Easy to install and less cost by local storage, especially for new users

    # Voice-changing for extra safety

    # 1080P ultra clear video for day and night

    360 D819

    # 1080P ultra clear video, larger vertical view for all the details on the ground

    # Easy to install and built-in independent WiFi antenna

    # Both cloud storage and local storage IP67 waterproof, no worries while raining cats and dogs


    # Easy to install, can be connected to universal bluetooth speakers

    # AI face recognition, tell you who's there in the notification

    # Low energy consumption, longer standby time

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