• "Sharon is smart, honest, caring, organized, committed, hard working and passionate about helping her community. I believe she would be a very positive addition to the Calaveras Board of Supervisors!"
    Colleen Denny-Garamendi
    Professional Evaluation Group

  • "I would like to see Valley Springs thrive. It seems new businesses have a very difficult time getting approvals. With business comes revenue and with revenue our town can flourish. We are not flourishing! Sharon understands this and is ready to lead in making the changes necessary."
    Sharon Moyles, Valley Springs
    Retired from Lawrence Livermore National Lab

  • "I have known Sharon Romano for 15 plus years and during this time her unwavering passion for community has been paramount. Sharon will always listen and research all issues concerning the entire County of Calaveras in determining the future well-being for everyone."
    Madaline Krska
    Retired Calaveras County Clerk Recorder

  • "I had the pleasure of working closely with Sharon for several years. Her critical thinking and administrative skills are always her guide. She is positive and a committed community member and would be an asset on the Board of Supervisors."
    Karen Pekarcik
    Valley Springs

  • "I am very impressed with Sharon's very concrete, pragmatic and constructive approach to the many problems of our District and County."
    Valley Springs

  • "Sharon is absolutely one of the most conscientious, fair, and honest people I know! Calaveras County would truly be blessed to have her on their leadership team."
    Barry Leece
    Retired Johnson & Johnson Representative

  • "We have known Ms. Romano all her life and know she will be an outstanding Supervisor, working always for the betterment of her community."
    Mr. & Mrs. Patric Mahoney

  • "Sharon is very capable & intelligent. She works well with people."
    Kay Airola

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  • “I am supporting Sharon Romano because, knowing her for more than 50 years now, I know her to be honest, hardworking, and driven by the democratic values with which we were raised. Her addition to ANY political entity or position will be demonstratively positive and will further the change-over currently engaging America in progressive, forward looking, logic-driven policies for us, for our children, and for our grandchildren.”
    Douglas W. Perez, Ph.D.
    Retired Police Officer and Professor of Political Science

  • "I am supporting Sharon Romano because she is competent, experienced, and well-versed in the issues of Calaveras County. Above all, Sharon will work for the good of all its citizens."
    Charnette Boylan
    Retired Calaveras County Teacher

  • "I've known Sharon for more than 20 years and fully appreciate her authenticity, intelligence, competence and integrity. She will move this county FORWARD."
    Allison Wright
    Travel Consultant, Above & Beyond Travel

  • "I have been a lifetime fan of Sharon and always admired her community involvement."
    Robert Dutra

  • "Sharon has taken an active interest in the political aspects of our county as long as I've known her. She is fair and even-handed in her deliberations, and I believe she will represent the citizens of Calaveras County in an impartial manner."  
    Mary Spitzer
    Retired Teacher, Calaveras Unified School District

  • "We need someone new and I think Sharon would do a great job."
    Charlotte Tischler
    San Andreas

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