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What is “Deposit Expansion”?

To maximize your saving, Gearbest implemented a “deposit expansion” policy. This is a FREE bonus that increases the worth of the deposit you made. Put a deposit in advance, get the extra discount when finalizing your payment later.

How it works?

1.Product Page

A.Price in red is the current sale price.

B.Deposit saves $10 stands for the actual value your deposit worth.

C.The final payment should be $173.99, which is calculated as “$189.99 - $5 - $10”.

D.Final Price is the actual amount needed to be paid for the product, which equals to deposit plus final payment

E.Don’t forget to check “Rules” for more detailed information.

F.The TimeLine shows the available time for paying the deposit and actual orders already deposited.

2.Order place page

Click “Pay the deposit” or “Add to cart”, which will lead you to this page

A.It shows how much and when you should pay at each period.

B.Points and coupons cannot be applied to “deposit-to-presale items; the total of the payment includes not only your final payment but also includes shipping costs, insurance and taxes

C.A non-refundable agreement is required to be signed prior to the deposit

3.We will notify you via several platforms when the the final payment is open to be completed

A.Emails will be sent to remind you the final payment for products prepaid deposit.

B.When you browse our website or app, a pop-up window will be a next reminder.

C.At the meanwhile, a Gearbest message will notify you again. Check at “My Message”.

D.For app user exclusive, App push notification will make sure you won’t miss the deadline for final payment.

4.When you complete all of them, we are glad to tell your favorite products will be shipped as soon as possible.

You might need to know

1.Failure to complete the payment by deadline will result in cancellation to your order, with no refund for deposit

2.Gearbest points and coupons will not be applicable for final payment.

All Gearbest accepted payment method is also accepted here for final payment

3.Products apply to “deposit expansion” can only be checked out individually.

4.Currency used in deposit and final payment should correspond to each other